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  • There are a few essential requirements that all prospective applicants need to conform to in order to apply.
  • As well as this, it is important to consider if you are a good fit in terms of your personality and circumstances.
  • Don’t be put off from applying if you are passionate! There are many myths surrounding who can foster. If you are unsure, speak to our staff who can offer advice and support.

We welcome new carers

The most important requirement of any prospective foster carer is a love for children and a desire to provide children in need with a welcoming family and home. We welcome carers from a diverse range of backgrounds. No two children that come to us have the same needs, so it’s important to have carers with varying experiences to provide the best care and best possible outcomes for our children.

If you’re interested in becoming a foster carer, there are a few crucial requirements in place.

Essential criteria for foster carers


Factors such as marital status, religion, ethnicity, sexuality or other classifications do not affect your eligibility to become a carer. We welcome applications from diverse groups! 

Are you a good fit?

If you pass all the legal criteria above, the decision is then based on whether you would be a good fit for the role. There are additional factors that you should consider and that will come into play during the assessment process of your application. These include:


All of the above factors will be important on whether you are approved as a foster carer. Often, foster children will be vulnerable and may have had past traumatic experiences. We want to make sure they are provided with a safe, stable and loving home.

Fostering myths

That being said, please don’t feel like you may not be eligible because of common myths. We always encourage you to enquire, even if you think you might not be eligible. Each application is taken on a case-by-case basis and we can talk through your individual circumstance.

Can I become a foster carer if…

Yes, we welcome applications from the LGBTQ community as well as same-sex couples.

I’m single?
Yes, as long as you can provide care to a child full-time.

I’m from a religious background?
Yes, as long as you respect the religious beliefs of any child that may be placed in your care.

I have my own children?
Yes, we will consider how becoming a foster carer will impact everyone in your home, including your children.

I rent my home?
Yes, as long as you have a spare bedroom and permission from the landlord.

I don’t have any specific qualifications?
You do not need any specific qualifications to become a foster carer. We will provide full training and support for you.

Thinking of fostering and fit the essential criteria? Then please contact us today! We’d be happy to hear from you and discuss your individual circumstances privately and confidentially. If you have a genuine desire to foster, we will work with you to ensure a positive outcome from your application.

Contact us today by phone 03301 239355, email or by using our online contact form below. 

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